Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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Day Spa & Treatments

Tangerine Spa offre un’ampia gamma di trattamenti benessere e day spa. Tantissime le possibilità per coloro che vogliono un percorso mordi e fuggi oppure per coloro che vogliono vivere la Spa in tutte le sue sfaccettature trascorrendo l’intera giornata da noi.


Risveglia i tuoi sensi, rigenera il corpo, valorizza la tua bellezza. Provate il percorso Tangerine Spa. Vi attende benessere, armonia, relax. Scoprite costi e orari del centro benessere.


Its origin is lost in the dawn of time.
An art-form very much appreciated by the Greeks and the Romans, the massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy, still very much loved today for its multiple benefits.


Beauty and well-being represent harmony, rituals to experience as you desire in your private Spa Suite, your refuge to enjoy even with your partner. Rituals of purity that you can discover thanks to the beneficial effects of water in our exclusive Cloud tub.


Una gamma di trattamenti a base di acqua Fossile Di Salsomaggiore famosa per l'eccezionale ricchezza di Sale-Iodo-Bromo che la rende unica al mondo. Il Sale Termale ricavato dall'Acqua Fossile, si rivela una preziosa ricchezza per la bellezza e la salute di tutto l'organismo.



The face is the part of our body most susceptible to all atmospheric and environmental influences.
For this reason, it requires frequent and careful attention.



Our beauty centre will imbue your body with well-being, beauty and health. Skilled hands will pamper and offer you moments of complete relaxation. To always be cared for and feel perfect in every situation.