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Floating Floating

The floatation experienceFind new energy and vitality

Just imagine… A cosy, private and dimly lit room. A dry floatation tank which will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds and a pool of filtered water enriched with a hypertonic solution of Epsom salts which will give you the sensation of having no weight like in zero gravity. The absence of external stimuli helps you to form a special bond with your body which then starts releasing tension and toxins.

An hour of immersion in the flotation tank is equivalent to 6 hours of a deep sleep, a unique relaxation technique which only few places in Italy can offer. And only us in Fiuggi.

The flotation tank was invented by Dr John Lilly in the late 1950s to study the physical and mental benefits of immersing one’s body in a saline solution.

Without the sensation of weight and in the absence of sensory stimuli, you can enter a state of deep relaxation which reduces stress and contractures and helps to restore the natural balance of body and mind.

Starting from your first session in the flotation tank, you will obtain great benefits on your musculoskeletal system. For this reason, the floatation therapy is used in various sports such as golf.

The experience of sensory deprivation is ideal as a recovery technique for athletes, both to regenerate muscles after exercise and to increase performance and concentration before a sports competition without the need of supplements.

Without external stimuli, you can get in touch with your real self, which helps to release emotions and relieve muscle aches, insomnia, migraines, back pain. This is why the sensory deprivation tank is also recommended during pregnancy.

Pregnant women can feel relief from pain and tension while floating with their body stretched out, the elbows touching the edge of the tank and the hands on their chin. In this position the weight of the child is not supported by the back or the pelvic girdle of the mother.

Nuvola is a dry floatation tank. You are not in direct contact with the water and find yourself in a special floating state! The safe pleasant feeling of being in your mother’s womb and the curative powers of the water.

The benefits of floating continue on the water beds where you can experience the sensation of a floating sleep. It enhances blood circulation and reduces the accumulation of toxins.


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