Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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Flotation therapy

A new frontier of wellness through a natural element par excellence: water. Feel lighter, lulled into complete silence until you achieve a state of absolute physical and mental relaxation. A unique moment in which to find that special relationship with your body, rediscovering energy and vitality.

An experience that you can enjoy to its fullest in the Tangerine Spa relaxation area, with water beds and in two exclusive environments: the flotation tub and the cloud tub.



    What happens if our body is deprived of sensory stimuli?
    Try to imagine yourself immersed in darkness, in total silence, with your body light, without any inputs from the external reality. This is the flotation or sensory deprivation tub.
    Lying on a bed of constantly filtered and mineralised water that keeps you suspended as if in the absence of gravity, weightlessness between Heaven and Earth, while your body lets go of every trace of tension and releases all toxins.

    A one hour flotation experience - €65.00 per person.



    The body, immersed in a hypertonic solution of Epson Salts and water (five times more concentrated than seawater), floats in a solution only thirty centimetres deep.
    The perception of weight is completely lost, together with all those external stimuli that we are constantly aware of: gravity, temperature, sound, touch, etc.
    It is thus possible to reach a state of deep and profound relaxation, completely free, discovering harmony and balance between body and mind.
    By eliminating all external stimuli, all that remains is the contact with your true self, with emotions, with thoughts. This is the great benefit that is received.
    Limiting any type of external inputs, fatigue disappears and sensory awareness is increased. Your body begins to produce substances that induce well-being, such as endorphins.
    Flotation therapy helps eliminate tension, stress and fatigue, while increasing creative skills and improving memory.
    Scientific studies shown that beginning with the very first session, beneficial effects to various diseases such as muscle aches, insomnia, headaches and backaches can be noted.
    The tub is also used in many sports including golf, for helping with the recovery of athletes, as it has a decontracting effect on the skeletal and muscular apparatus.



    Pregnant women often find considerable relief from pain and tension, in particular while floating, with elbows on the edge of the tub and the chin resting on their hands. In this position, the fetus is free to float, while the back and the mother's pelvic girdle is free from bearing any weight.



    The flotation tub is a tool created by Dr. John Lilly during the late 1950’s, developed for studying sensory deprivation. At that time, the scientific community considered the possibility that the human brain could stop functioning in the absence of sensory stimuli.
    John Lilly personally experimented in the tub, subjecting his body to the absence of external stimuli for many continuous hours. Based on the experience he concluded that in the absence of stimuli the brain does not stop functioning, but tends to induce a deep dreamlike state. The flotation tub, moreover, provided Lilly with the deepest feeling of rest he had ever experienced.



    “It feels like floating in the clouds” - this is the recurring comment from those who abandon themselves to the loving embrace of the warm waters of the Cloud. In just a matter of seconds, you will gently fall into a state of revitalising relaxation.
    The musculature relaxes completely, the spine loosens up, and the body abandons itself to the beneficial and invigorating action of the water.
    A few moments of relaxation and your mind will be pleasantly clouded by memories and dreams. The frenzy of modern life will quickly be replaced by emotions reminiscent of the prenatal stage, of maternal care, of the pleasure of being able to fly, weightless, towards infinity.
    The Cloud is a dry flotation tub, i.e. it allows for immersion without any contact with water. However, thanks to a special system, the body finds itself enveloped and suspended as if in the mother’s womb. The constant temperature enhances the absorption of active ingredients, corresponding to products used in the various treatments. The Cloud tub can also be used as an anti-stress treatment, without the reliance on cosmetic products.



    Rediscover the benefits of flotation simply lying on waterbeds. The flotation trance gently protects your body, shrouding it in a relaxing heat from head to foot. No part of the body is under pressure: “it is the water that supports your body”, the blood can circulate freely, dispersing any toxins and other harmful substances which normally accumulate during the day or at night.