Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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The Lounge Bar & Roof Garden

Food as the fulfilment of pleasure, as an emotion to be lived, as a moment of well-being. In our “Il Grifoncino” restaurant and lounge bar, open around the clock, guests can enjoy light meals and quick snacks. This allows you not to take time away from your beauty rituals, enjoying your experience in full freedom and without constraints.a libertà e senza vincoli.

If the value of meaningful experiences is measured by the intensity of emotions, our rooftop garden will certainly surprise you and overwhelm your senses. A pleasant rooftop garden environment where, during cool summer evenings and when spring explodes with colours and intoxicating scents, you can taste the unique and genuine flavours offered by “Il Grifoncino”.

The Ambasciatori Wellness Tangerine Spa and Food & Living “Il Grifoncino” welcome you with an exclusive cuisine,
tasty and attentive to your well-being:

Light dishes characterised by fresh and wholesome local ingredients, tasty salads, fresh fruits and crudités, drinks rich in antioxidants and vitamin C such as blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, herbal infusions and a selection of teas.

Between one indulgence and another, our selection of light lunches offers the right solution to save you time and to allow you to enjoy your relaxing dimension in pleasure, lightness and harmony with your body.

At any time, our guests can enjoy a quick snack or a refreshing drink at the bar - or wherever is most comfortable - without leaving the Spa and continuing to savour the comfort of slippers and a bathrobe, in the total privacy of an always discreet and intimate environment.