There is no body but eats and drinks. But they are few who can distinguish flavours.

Light lunch / Light dinner

To meet the needs of those who love light cuisine, we have designed a rich menu of light lunches. While this literally means a single light meal, in practice it translates into tasty recipes, reinterpreted with a focus on wellness and offering key antioxidant ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fresh salads, tasty second courses based on a selection of fish, white meats and vegetables, small and colourful compositions of fruit and sweets. Each recipe is prepared with great attention to the cooking method used, with preference to steaming and the low temperature cooking.

The light lunch is a perfect option for all those who on vacation wish to feel free from schedules, formality and clothes and can be enjoyed at any time, comfortably in your bathrobe, at the bar, on the terrace or directly in your room.