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Sports Activities

The Fiuggi and Ciociaria regions are the answer to your desire to feel in harmony with yourself and with the nature surrounding you, an exceptional spot for enjoying outdoor activities, running, scenic walks through the lush forests or taking your bike and venturing on dirt roads.

Visitors can give their holiday the flavour that they wish. Fiuggi lets you live your leisure time in a thousand different ways, combining well-being, the spirit of adventure and the discovery of places and local traditions.
All that matters is the ability to experience a profound sense of freedom and peace, returning home fully satisfied.

What sports can you enjoy with us?



If you're an avid golfer or simply learning the sport, book your green fees for the Golf Fiuggi Terme & Country Club


If you want to take a voyage into the past, if you wish to allow yourself to be conquered by unique natural wonders, by unmistakable flavours, by places which tell of an ancient past, select the itineraries you like most among those we offer.




For biking enthusiasts, professionals or those who simply enjoy some time on the bike, with us, the possibilities are endless.


If biking, golf or scenic walks just won't suffice, or simply aren’t your cup of tea, you can select from many other open air sports, in contact with nature. Please ask us for details on the many options available.