Doing is the best way to learn.

(Giacomo Leopardi)

Other Sports

If biking, golf or scenic walks just won't suffice, or simply aren’t your cup of tea, you can select from many other open air sports, in contact with nature. Please ask us for details on the many options available.

Horseback Riding

The area offers countless itineraries that guarantee maximum flexibility and are able to meet the needs of both experienced rider and beginners.

Rafting on the Aniene river

Immerse yourself completely in nature. The sound of the river, the refreshing wind, the branches of the trees. The green foliage plunging into the waters. The wild and unspoilt environment. The joy that only a pleasant day spent along the river can give you, unleashed with all its strength. An explosion of sensations that is difficult to forget. Button up your jackets: it’s time to go! Careful to not get wet!!


Tennis lovers will find several facilities in Fiuggi, where they can enjoy themselves training or with a game between friends.