Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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Its origin is lost in the dawn of time.
An art-form very much appreciated by the Greeks and the Romans, the massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy, still very much loved today for its multiple benefits.

  • SHORT MASSAGES(zonal massages)

    25 minutes - €38

    Zonal massages focus on specific parts of the body, providing relief and benefits. Back massages are undoubtedly the most common and popular. However, guests can select the specific body part to be treated:


    This type of massage stimulates specific parts of the feet connected to different vital organs. It serves to rebalance energy and well-being in our body. Given that many nerve endings are present in the feet, when stimulated, they are capable of sending inputs to the brain to make us feel better.

    "25 minutes - €38"


    50 minutes - €60

    • Aromatic massage*
    • Anti-stress massage par excellence, practised with essential oils, the aromatic massage is one of the oldest relaxation methods in the world. It is the absorption of the oils that leads to the beneficial effects of the massage and not the loosening up of the muscles. For this reason, the massage is very pleasant and totally painless.

    • Lymph drainage*
    • Massage that stimulates the lymphatic system which with its draining action recirculates the liquids, favouring their elimination, detoxifying and restoring lightness to the body. This type of massage, as well as combating cellulite, helps soothe pain in the area being treated and relaxes tense muscles.

    • Sports massage*
    • Decontracting massage that loosens up the muscles and is especially beneficial for athletes, following sports related physical activity. The massage involves initial stretching manoeuvres.

    • Circulatory massage*
    • Massage whose main purpose is to favour the venous return of blood. It is administered following the course of the veins, from the peripheral points to the heart. The massage increases blood flow, allowing nutrients to be delivered more efficiently to cells and, at the same time, to avoid waste. It also helps the absorption of liquids.

    • Deep tissue massage*
    • Massage that treats body ptosis (sagging of the tissue) through the use of slow but deep movements. The massage improves blood circulation and eliminates fatty tissue and cellulite.

    • Candle Massege*
    • A relaxing massage for body and mind, performed with the vegetable oil of a melted aromatic candle. Thanks to the nourishing and moisturising properties of the oil, it leaves the skin softer than any other type of oil. The effect is particularly relaxing.



        *This type of massage can be extended to 75 minutes at a cost of €90

    50 minutes - €75

    • Hawaiian lomi lomi massage*
    • Music accompaniments, intense ethnic rhythms alternated with sweet melodies and nature sounds make this massage a unique experience of listening to your body, of abandonment and of physical and emotional relaxation. This massage takes into account a series of benefits for the body, promoting the venous return and stimulating the lymphatic system. It also stretches the musculature and improves the range of motion of the joints.

    • Chakra balancing massage with hot stones*
    • An energizing massage relying on the use basalt stones for radiating heat. The massage is based on the principle of stimulating certain parts of the body, redirecting the energy where it is needed. The heat released by the stones is responsible for triggering important physical processes: promoting vasodilatation, improving blood circulation, relieving cramping and contractions and providing a healthy impact on the cardiovascular, hormonal, gastrointestinal and muscular systems. Relaxes and balances the mind and the body.

    • Synchronised four hands massage (30 minute duration)
    • A massage relying on the harmonised manual ability of two therapists, who skilfully create a continuous rhythmic and relaxing flow. The treatment is one of the oldest and simplest messages from the Indian tradition. Four-handed massages help to decontract muscles across the entire body, leaving your with a deep feeling of relaxation. The intense aroma of the oils contributes even further to eliminating tension, offering a profound sense of well-being and helping cure all those effects that result from stress, such as insomnia.

    • Ayurvedic Massage: Abhyangam, Pindasweda, Mukabhyangam
    • The Ayurvedic Massage is a indo-Tibetan technique, holistic and powerful, which focuses on rebalancing energy imbalances, responsible for a significant number of disorders and diseases. Ayurveda is a system of medical that has its origin in the Vedas, whose legendary origins date back to 5,000 years ago. The term “ayurveda” meaning “knowledge of life” refers to a science focused on improving the overall health of the individual, a path to a longer life, in perfectly balanced energy.

    • Abhyangan*
    • An emo-lymphatic massage that improves the flexibility of the joints and relieves rheumatic pain.

    • Pindasweda
    • A therapeutic sweating treatment administered using warm herb bags.

    • Mukabhyangam
    • Face, head and neck emo-lymphatic massage.

    • Amazonian massage
    • Treatment in which the aroma of coffee is diffused between the colours of tropical flowers, to the rhythm of afro-Brazilian percussion, creating an exciting atmosphere, expressive of vitality. The combination of draining therapeutic manoeuvres and of natural products based on fruits and seeds from the Amazon rainforest renders this massage a unique sensory experience for the mind and body.

    • Thai Massage*
    • The Thai massage is a massage system practised by Buddhist monks in Thailand. The massage combines acupressure points typical of Chinese medicine with a stretching system inspired by the Indian Yoga tradition, which opens the body energetically and physically. The ultimate goal of Thai massage is to achieve a state of “lightness” and an increased emotional and spiritual condition, both for those who practice it and for those who receive it.

    • Windsphere Massage
    • Massage that relies on the use of soft spheres of various sizes and inspired by the ancient Tibetan tradition according to which the wind is the energy that sustains life, acting as a mediator between the mind and the body. Used with skill, the spheres reproduce the effect of the wind on the skin. The massage has a significant draining effect and promotes relaxation of the muscles, therefore allowing energy to flow freely through the body, inducing new vitality.

    • Hands and music
    • The massage focuses on the achievement of a state of deep relaxation and on energy rebalancing, promoting muscle relaxation and the draining of liquids. The massage, during which the hands never leave your body, is accompanied by serene background music on Pan flute and each gesture is guided by the beat of the music, which serves as a precise reference point at all times.



        *This type of massage can be extended to 75 minutes at a cost of €105