Fitness ist nicht nur eine der wichtigsten Voraussetzungen für einen gesunden Körper, sondern die Grundlage für eine dynamische und kreative geistige Tätigkeit.

(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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Fitness Centre

Inside the Tangerine Spa guests have a fitness centre at their disposal, where you can take care of your body and spend a few pleasant hours engaged in physical activity, releasing stress and tension after a day of work, or for those who even on holiday wish to keep up their physical training.

The quality of the equipment is guaranteed by the Technogym brand and the machines have been selected from the Exite line.

Try our equipment:

  • RUN

    The professional treadmill available in our fitness centre allows you to run on an elastic and cushioned surface which, absorbing the impact forces to the maximum, provides a boost at every step, inducing the natural sensation of running.


    The professional elliptical machine is well suited to everyone, from seniors to athletes, helping improve coordination and balance. The Syncro total body cardiovascular workout leads to the reduction of fat and helps improve the elasticity and flexibility of muscles and joints.


    a tool beneficial to the strengthening of the upper part of the leg muscles, particularly suitable for those who require cardiovascular activity. The adjustable backrest allows you to workout without straining your back muscles.


    The only cardiovascular equipment that offers unique multi-planar motion, for a new workout, effective and fun. The CardioWave workout primarily involves your leg muscles and especially your glutes, without applying stress on the joints.