Doing is the best way to learn.

(Giacomo Leopardi)


Golf, which until recently was a sport reserved for the elite, is becoming more and more popular. It is a relaxing and beneficial pastime that can be practised at any age, while allowing you to enjoy a few hours in the great outdoors.

If you're an avid golfer or simply learning the sport, book your green fees for the Golf Fiuggi Terme & Country Club. And there’s much more!
Our hotel in Fiuggi provides the ideal spot for athletes visiting the city. Thanks to the Tangerine Spa offered by our hotel, in fact, athletes are provided with the chance to relax as best as possible before each race. Our wellness centre offers an even more exceptional opportunity for athletes: the Flotation tub, an indispensable treatment for those is search of new and absolute relaxation, guaranteed to ease and dissolve tension right from the first session.

The performance of golfers will see particular benefits from the use of the Flotation tub. Filled with a special Epson salt solution, the tub is able to simulate an almost complete gravity free environment, as this particular type of salt is much denser than normal.
Immersing in our Flotation tub, athletes can therefore help eliminate all those small pre-race annoyances that can ultimately affect the outcome of their performance. First, the spine can completely relax, stretching from the very first treatment.

In addition, the absence of external stimuli for the body will help create an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, eliminating any contractures and improving the athletes’ psycho-physical balance, in view of the expected effort exerted during competition or even just to ward off mental stress. And not least among the many beneficial effects of the Flotation tub, the ability of this type of therapy to improve the elasticity of muscles and consequently influence movement and torsion, an ideal outcome for golfers, who can easily attest to the positive effects, especially when it comes to movements such as the back swing and the follow through.
In addition to Fiuggi, the area is home to several golf courses. We have listed them below in case you wish to visit any of them:

- CASTELGANDOLFO Golf Club, Castel Gandolfo, (RM) tel. 06.9312301
- GOLF 4CLUB ROMA ACQUASANTA, Rome, tel. 06.7803407
- GOLF CLUB GOLF NAZIONALE (formerly LE QUERCE) Sutri, (VT) tel. 0761.609308
- GOLF CLUB PARCO DE ’ MEDICI Rome, tel. 06.65287345
- PARCO DI ROMA Golf & Country Club Rome, tel. 06 33653396

Fiuggi Terme & Country Club Golf Club

The Fiuggi Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in continental Europe. Situated on the slopes of Fiuggi’s waters, it is ecologically intact. Founded in 1928, the course is now frequented by many of Italy’s most experienced golfers. What’s more, the course is located in an exceptionally panoramic and vast green area, which extends from Boniface VIII to Lake Canterno offering an extensive 18-hole course.

Almost every weekend, the Golf Fiuggi Terme & Country Club hosts important competitions. Golf is a sport that you can start at any age. With this in mind, a section of the Club is equipped with a driving range and a practice course, where beginners can take lessons individually or in small groups. Even the merely curious and those simply accompanying the golfers will have the opportunity to spend pleasant days in the Club house, enjoying the tennis courts, swimming pool, as well as the surrounding greenery.

The Fiuggi golf course is natural, making the experience highly challenging, yet also extremely pleasant. The Golf Fiuggi Terme & Country Club offers visitors the exceptional services of a panoramic Club House with a Bar and restaurant, where delicious local cuisine can be enjoyed. The premises also include a pleasant dressing room with showers, storage facilities and a pro-shop.