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Fiuggi and the Thermal Baths

Fiuggi and the Thermal Baths

Fiuggi is still a small mediaeval town, a place of ancient traditions that has known how to preserve its pace of life, its culture and its natural beauty. The best way to be caught up in the spirit of Fiuggi is to explore the maze of little streets climbing up through the village. You can wander into the heart of Fiuggi, venturing into steep, narrow alleys, with a succession of old houses, archways, little squares and stone stairways. At certain times of the day, there is only the sound of footsteps to keep you company and the mediaeval atmosphere is constantly pervading your imagination. In some parts of the town, the original structure has been preserved, and sections of tower from the old defensive walls are visible here and there.

One of our favourite corners of Fiuggi is known as Baciadonne (Kisslady) Alley. You only have to see it to realise how it acquired its name. It is so narrow that if you decide to tempt fate and walk along it at the same time as someone else, you will be forced to brush up against them to the point of almost kissing them. Our advice is: look carefully to see if there are any passers-by that you fancy; some of the best love stories have started like this… purely by chance and in a very romantic setting. They say that it was once a popular meeting-place for young lovers, but this is definitely an urban myth.

The trail of legends will take you to the Pozzo delle Vergini (Well of the Virgins), keeper of such an amazing tale that you’ll surely want to believe it. Any genuine inhabitant of Fiuggi will be happy to recount it to a curious visitor. But there are many other things to see in Fiuggi: churches, squares and historic mansions.

As well as the “upper” section of the village (the older part) you can also visit the lower town, where the springs are located. Indeed, Fiuggi is famous for its mineral water, and its therapeutic virtue has been universally recognised. Both Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo testified to its miraculous effects. Its beneficial, healing qualities are a result of the particular geological formation of the area, and the diuretic properties of Fiuggi mineral water have been scientifically proven. There are two springs where you can drink Fiuggi water straight from the source: Fonte Bonifacio VIII and Fonte Anticolana. Fonte Anticolana is in a splendid park in many shades of green, where the visitor can walk through beautiful gardens and along shady avenues. When you enter this lovely oasis away from the streets, you will come across cedar and sequoia trees, and lovely flower-beds, but also tennis and bocce courts, a mini-golf course, ping-pong tables and a children’s playground. Of course, there is also a medical centre at Fonte Anticolana where patients come to be signed on for spa treatments.

Fonte Bonifacio VIII. On the other hand, visitors to the spring at Fonte Bonifacio VIII will be welcomed by a charming “belle époque” atmosphere. Its Liberty-style gateway dates back to the 1920s and is the only one to have survived from that period. The other buildings here were erected in the 1960s to designs by Luigi Moretti, the famous architect also responsible for the design of the well-known Watergate Complex in Washington. Fonte Bonifacio VIII is the place traditionally used for proper, serious thermal treatment. The hundreds of drinking fountains can accommodate up to 25,000 people at a time. Patients visiting the spa centre can undergo consultations with specialist urologists and have ultrasound scans. But don’t worry; this spring is not just a treatment centre. There are bars, cafés, sitting areas, green spaces and interesting architecture, all designed to make for an enjoyable visit.

The Benefits of Fiuggi Water

Fiuggi water is classified as “natural, oligomineral spring water”, and has a variety of therapeutic purposes. It encourages the expulsion of kidney stones and prevents their formation, and is also advised to be drunk prior to operations for urinary stones and as part of postoperative recovery. The water acts as an effective remedy for infections of the urinary tract, and helps the metabolism to rid itself of uric acid, acting as a treatment for gout and uric acid arthropathy. It has been scientifically proven that Fiuggi water has beneficial effects in various ways: it helps to dissolve and flush out kidney stones, and prevents their formation; it is recommended for preparing patients about to undergo operations or lithotripsy with shockwave therapy, and is useful during the postoperative recovery period. Other than treatment for kidney stones, Fiuggi water provides an important therapy for urinary tract infections. It also boosts the metabolism and helps it to expel uric acid, providing a treatment for gout and uric acid arthropathy.